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Message from the Founder & CEO

This story started a long time ago, when I was still a student and struggling with learning disabilities. It was at that point that I realized the educational system, as we know it, is severely handicapped and lacking fundamental methodologies to support children that feel challenged and can’t improve themselves, even when having the help of professionals around them and despite the good will of such individuals. These kids are often diagnosed with Autism and ADHD - Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder.

At University, this lack of awareness and perception from the side of the experts became more obvious to me. As a matter of fact, this time I wasn’t struggling with learning disabilities anymore, but with the ignorance of my professors, many of which had Masters and PhDs in Psychology and Education but absolutely no significant results or solid theories backing their often arrogant and delusional assumptions.

However, later as a teacher, I was able to help many students suffering with bad grades at school and holding to a huge variety of labels attributed by psychologists and psychiatrists but that nothing contributed to their success. And I was helping them in a very natural way.

The strategy I used was based on an extensive research that cross-analyzed three factors supported in each case by a single question:

1. How children play and what kind of mental mechanisms they use?

2. What kind of cognitive skills do children often ignore when playing games?

3. What type of toys and games do they choose and why?

At that point in time, was merely allowing them to play, showing them how to play with different toys and objects, namely building blocks, and then bridging these experiences with their school manuals, so that I could get the data that would allow me to conclude pragmatic theories. And as a result, they would spend an average of 90% of the time playing and talking with me, and only about 10% of that time learning anything in specific. And yet, my success rate was 100% with every single case, and with over two hundred children and teenagers aged 6 to 17 years old.

Interestingly, later on many private institutions did choose me over thousands of candidates with college degrees in Mathematics, Language and Science, simply because, in their own words, I could show results and that was something they had never seen before.

The problem now was of another nature. I was challenging the preconceived and outdated industrial educational models assumed and accepted to this day by many parents and teachers, whom would always try to change my working methods or stop their children from obeying me. And that was when I realized my work had reached a huge social barrier that I couldn't cross easily on my own. There was nothing more I could do but try what I knew in another country, and that country was China.

As a University Professor, I was achieving even more overwhelming results than ever before. Apart from being awarded best foreign professor, my students were also awarded in local and national competitions for speech, writing, translation and theatre, among many others, and they were learning much faster than any others. Some even said: "I learn more in one hour with you than I did in my entire life with all my teachers and professors altogether."

In Shanghai, as a Professor for Research and Academic Writing in one of the Top Universities, my thousands of students, which are today school teachers, got the chance to learn from me everything I know to later apply in their profession, and they learned so much that their motivation led many to move to the US in order to study furthermore in the field of Education.

Every single one of my students that applied for studies in the US and UK was chosen above millions of applicants from the whole country.

Parallel to this personal experience, I was always curious to see how toys shape a culture and level of intelligence of a country. And I was not surprised to see that in China there is a huge investment in toys. The Chinese understand that children need to play to become mentally fit and wise. Chinese parents constantly invest their savings in spoiling children with toys. Moreover, the type of toys that I saw in China compile a huge variety as I have never seen before, not even in the most well-known US and European toy stores.

What makes the difference in how we see toys? The answer could be shown at two levels:

1st. Western toy stores don’t really know how to select or aren't interested in selecting educational toys and are merely focused in profiting;

2nd. Parents and professionals of education aren't trained in how to select educational toys and therefore don't really know how to do this.

As a result, from the wide variety presented by the Chinese manufacturers, you, the consumer, end up getting a very small sample that has already been filtered in the wrong way by many intermediaries. And it is based on such reality that I decided to create Toys 4 Wise Kids. The purpose is to facilitate the choice of parents and teachers when buying a toy. Our toys are already selected, analyzed and tested in a multitude of perspectives, to make sure that they qualify to be great gifts. Our criteria is based on the following:

  1. The toy must improve the mental capacities of the child;
  2. The toy must be adequate to the mental stage of a child;
  3. The toy must be compatible with the skills required at school;
  4. The toy must be fun to use and not just have a type of pedagogical application;
  5. The toy must promote an interaction between the child and adults;
  6. The toy must bridge school topics or promote classroom presentations;
  7. The toy should awake a natural interest in the child to use it often.

Naturally, these items may not apply entirely in some cases, as with babies. However, we make sure that only the best toys are selected. I.e., we choose only the best among the best, to improve the IQ of any child and teenager.

As a business, the purpose of our company is to deliver the Best and Most Educational Toys in the market with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. And to ensure that we satisfy the requirements and needs of all our clients from around the world, our team operates in three continents:

  • America (Florida-USA);
  • Asia (Guangdong-China);
  • Europe (Vilnius-Lithuania).

Our team of experts, assistants, suppliers and manufacturers, simplify the life of parents and educators by selling only toys that match the required needs and specific skills that children should be developing at every age.

We know that toys aren't just a form of entertainment but a way to develop better human beings, therefore our toys are both fun and adequate, perfectly matching the most well-known researches in the fields of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy.

When you buy one of our toys to offer it to a child, you are promoting a bright new future to that child, and we are absolutely in love with that goal. That is why we created this company. We know that any child of today can be a great adult tomorrow, and we know that a toy can make a big difference in that tomorrow.



Daniel Marques

Founder & CEO, Toys4Wise Kids